Hillenbrand Operating Model

Generating Growth, Delivering Value

The Hillenbrand Operating Model (HOM) is a consistent and repeatable framework designed to produce sustainable business results. It is embedded within our Purpose, and which continues to evolve to meet the needs of the future.

How We Operate Hillenbrand Operating Model

HOM uses our management practices in Strategy, People, Operational Excellence, Commercial Excellence, and Innovation & Technology; and prescribes four steps (Understand, Focus, Execute, and Grow) to make our businesses both bigger and better. Our goal is to continue developing Hillenbrand as a world-class global industrial company.

We leverage the HOM to deliver shareholder value through sustainable revenue growth, margin expansion, and strong free cash flow to reinvest in growth initiatives, make strategic acquisitions, and return cash to shareholders, all while maintaining an appropriate capital structure.

Hillenbrand Operating Model

Enterprise-wide process to develop and sustain competitive advantage

Retain, develop, and attract talent to drive strategy execution

Maximize customer value while focused on efficiency and continuous improvement through our lean operating tools

Drive the customer experience through design and delivery of commercial best practices

Investments in driving performance and customer value with new products; technological advancements to improve efficiency