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Driven to Shape What Matters For Tomorrow™, we use our expertise to engineer and innovate industrial solutions that create a stronger future for all.

Our portfolio is composed of two reportable operating segments: Advanced Process Solutions and Molding Technology Solutions.

Shared Core Strengths and Characteristics

Across our operating segments, our brands share core strengths and characteristics that allow us to serve customers throughout the product lifecycle.

Advanced Process Solutions

We are a global leader in highly-engineered processing equipment, systems, and aftermarket parts and service for the plastics, food, and recycling industries.


  • Plastics and Chemicals
  • Recycling
  • Food & Pharma
  • Other Industrial
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Coperion is an industry leader in material compounding and extrusion, material feeding and weighing, bulk material handling and service, bringing a wealth of know-how and experience to the market.

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Rotex is a leading manufacturer of dry material separation machines and replacement parts and accessories used in a broad range of domestic and international industries.

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Bakon Food Equipment designs and manufactures bakery equipment for spraying, depositing and cutting for industrial confectionery, retail, and traditional bakeries.

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Diosna is a leading provider of laboratory mixers to complete production plants, for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

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Shaffer is leading the innovation of mixers and processing equipment, providing customized solutions and total support to customers so they can mix products precisely and efficiently.

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VMI offers premium mixing and kneading solutions for the Food, Bakery, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is reliable, modular, and designed to meet your specific production needs, from laboratory and pilot units to production platforms and automated systems.

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Shick Esteve is a complete ingredient automation provider and the only global automation systems provider focused solely on the food industry. We design, manufacture, install and service ingredient automation systems for customers worldwide.

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Unifiller is a global leading supplier of high-quality portioning, pumping and decorating equipment backed by decades of expertise, experience and innovation to bakeries and food plants worldwide.

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Herbold Meckesheim is a recycling specialist for the plastics industry that specializes in machines and systems for the treatment of waste in the plastics-processing industry and the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics, but also in the pulverization of plastic granulates and waste.

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FPM specializes in the design, manufacturing, and service of feeding, filtration, baking, depositing, milling, material handling equipment, and systems for the food, pet food, plastics, chemicals, and construction material industries.

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