Hillenbrand Signs the United Nations Global Compact

Date 2019-09-26 | Sustainability / Social Responsibility

Hillenbrand, Inc. announced that it has signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a voluntary pledge to develop and exercise corporate responsibility programs and to begin increasing disclosure of the company’s sustainable business practices.

By signing the compact, Hillenbrand is also committing to act in support of UN goals and issues embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation. Hillenbrand joins over 9,500 companies pledging to more closely align business strategies to universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

“As a global diversified industrial company, we are committed to pursuing a leadership role and fulfilling our duty to improve the social and environmental impacts of our activities,” said Joe Raver, President & CEO, Hillenbrand. “We’re proud to publicly commit to making the Global Compact an integral part of Hillenbrand’s sustainability strategy. We believe that this path will contribute to long-term value creation for our stakeholders.”

Being responsible corporate citizens is embedded in the mission and core values that Hillenbrand employees embrace every day. The signing of the UNGC represents another formal step in the company’s sustainability journey and further strengthens our commitment to these principles.

As part of its commitment to strengthen communities, Hillenbrand formally launched its community outreach program, One Campaign, in 2016, which develops strategic partnerships in the communities in which they operate to meet present-day while working to benefit future generations.

“Through One Campaign, we have donated time and money to community organizations working to overcome societal challenges such as food insecurity and provided basic school supplies and educational materials for students in need to help them achieve a quality education. We have also developed a framework so that students can achieve a pathway to future careers at Hillenbrand and our operating companies,” added Raver.

At operating sites around the world, employees volunteer their time and talents to develop and carry out strategic programming focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, focused on meeting global goals through local action in the communities in which they operate. Hillenbrand plans to continue to foster these activities in its alignment with the UNGC.

Through the company’s ongoing community engagement activities and regular reporting to the UN in its annual Communication on Progress (COP), stakeholders will see how the company is embodying its core values, enhancing the communities in which it operates and working toward the goals set forth in the UNGC.

Hillenbrand’s progress report is expected to include a description of practical actions the company has taken or plans to undertake and a measurement of outcomes against public goals or performance indicators.

“Hillenbrand has prioritized the establishment of strong corporate governance practices and enhanced social programming and is proud to make the commitment to be a company where the positive impacts of our people, products, and partnerships better the environments in which we operate,” said Raver.